Wilson 2024 Product Line UpWilson 2024 Product Line Up

Baseball is one of the most primal sports in the world. It’s a battle. Between the batter and the pitcher, the fielder and the runner, and the obvious - team vs. team. When you go to battle, players always think you have to have the right weapon when you attack, but it’s quite the opposite. Always remember, it’s not the weapon, IT’S THE WARRIOR.

If you’re a power hitter and need a some end load behind your swing, The Gunner is the bat to take to the plate. If you need a grip and value comfort in the box, the Workman3 or the IK3 are the perfect accessories to go YARD. For whatever need you you’re going to battle, Warstic has you covered.

If you haven't had a chance to checkout this brand we highly recommend you to give their products a try as well as listen to our podcast with Ben Jenkins, co-founder of Warstic!

Time to Hunt, Sit Dead Red.

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