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The game starts with your step, and victory follows in our top-tier softball cleats and footwear. Step into victory with Team Express, your premier destination for top-quality softball cleats and footwear. Our curated collection is designed to elevate your performance on the diamond, offering a range of options from fastpitch cleats to turf trainers.

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Men's Metal CleatsMen's Metal Cleats
Men's Metal Cleats
Men's Molded CleatsMen's Molded Cleats
Men's Molded Cleats
Men's Running ShoesMen's Running Shoes
Men's Running Shoes
Men's Turf ShoesMen's Turf Shoes
Men's Turf Shoes
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Men's Sandals & Slides

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Women's Metal CleatsWomen's Metal Cleats
Women's Metal Cleats
Women's Molded CleatsWomen's Molded Cleats
Women's Molded Cleats
Women's Turf ShoesWomen's Turf Shoes
Women's Turf Shoes
Women's Running ShoesWomen's Running Shoes
Women's Running Shoes

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Youth Rubber ShoesYouth Rubber Shoes
Youth Rubber Shoes

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Adidas Cleats & FootwearAdidas Cleats & Footwear
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