Rawlings Heart of the Hide Colorsync 7.0 RPRO204W-2XS 11.5" Baseball Fielders Glove

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Rawlings Heart of the Hide Colorsync 7.0 RPRO204W-2XS 11.5" Baseball Fielders Glove

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This Rawlings Heart of the Hide ColorSync 7.0 11.5" Baseball Glove is first-class and has the style to match its tremendous quality!

Ball players across the country are searching for gloves that will provide a look that sets them apart from others. Although many still prefer that classic tan or brown look, many players want a glove that will deliver an extra "pop" of color. And this is where the Heart of the Hide ColorSync series breaks into the market. These ColorSync models provide a look that in the past could only be found if you paid extra to create a custom Rawlings baseball glove. But with these ColorSyncs, you only have to pay the regular Heart of the Hide price. This will be the 7th time that Rawlings has dropped this unique line and once again, they have absolutely scored in regard to creating dynamic looks.

This specific model is made in Rawlings' 204 Pattern with an 11.5" length, I-Web, and a deep pocket desired by many infielders.  Additionally, this Heart of the Hide is equipped with a Wingtip Back design to create a wide feel due to less welting when scooping grounders.  This size of glove can be used effectively at second base, shortstop, and third base. That shorter length will make it especially beneficial for use at shortstop and second base where quick exchanges and glove flips are necessary skills to master. The glove has a deer-tanned cowhide palm lining with a soft, padded thumb sleeve for the ultimate in comfort and performance. A breathable thermo-formed wrist lining helps wick moisture away to keep your hand from sweating. Each glove is built by the same Rawlings craftsmen to ensure quality and detail.

This striking Heart of the Hide ColorSync 7.0 certainly lives up to its reputation with a mostly dark red shell that incorporates tan along the fingers - with an extra twist!

  • 11.50 Inch Length
  • Recommended For Infielders (Second Base, Shortstop, and Third Base)
  • Stiffer Feel Will Require A Break-In (Requires 60% Of Break-In To Be Done By Player)
  • Designed To Fit A High School-To-Adult Sized Hand (Rawlings’ Standard Fit - Regular Finger Stalls + A 7 Inch to 7.5 Inch Wrist Opening)
  • I-Web
  • 204 Pattern - 11.5 Inch Length. Deepest Pocket And Standard Palm Width. Closes Thumb To 4th Finger And Pinky.
  • Constructed From Top Grade U.S. Steerhide
  • Deertanned Cowhide Inner Palm Lining Improves Comfort For The Hand Inside The Glove
  • Colorway: Red | Tan
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Padded Thumb Sleeve
  • Pro Grade Leather Laces Add Durability And Strength
  • Thermoformed Padding For The Back Of The Wrist While It Is In The Glove
  • Wingtip Backing Adds A Wider Feel Due To Lack Of Welting In The Knuckle Area.
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Brand Rawlings
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Sport Baseball

Baseball Gloves

Level Age Position Glove Size
T-Ball 3 to 6 years old All Positions 8.5" - 10"
Youth 7 to 12 years old 1st Base 11.5" - 12"
Youth 7 to 12 years old Infield 10.25" - 11.5"
Youth 7 to 12 years old Outfield 11.5" - 12.25"
Adult 12+ years old 1st Base 12" - 13"
Adult 12+ years old Infield 11.25" - 12"
Adult 12+ years old Outfield 12" - 12.75"

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Level Type Position Glove Size
Youth Fastpitch Infield 10.5" - 11"
Youth Fastpitch Outfield 11" - 11.5"
Adult Fastpitch Infield 11.5" - 12"
Adult Fastpitch Outfield/1st Base 12" - 13"
Adult Slowpitch Infield 12" - 13"
Adult Slowpitch Outfield 12.5" - 14"
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