Marucci CATX Baseball Bats

Introducing the Marucci CATX Baseball Bats


Finely tuned barrel profiles create more surface area, a wider sweet spot, and higher overall performance, while a more balanced design creates faster swings. Designed for a smooth, solid feel during contact by adding the optimal amount of liquid-gel in the knob to reduce and absorb vibrations like never before.

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CATX Composite

Finely tuned barrel profiles create a slightly more balanced design to help players generate faster swing speeds while maintaining larger composite barrels. S-40 composite handle helps to transfer more energy faster from player to ball for more performance, while the outer-locking system dismisses virtually all vibrations on contact for the strongest, smoothest swing yet.

CATX Connect

Finely tuned barrel profiles slightly balance the end-loaded design for faster swings, more surface area, a wider sweet spot, and higher overall performance. Stiff outer-locking system connects the S-40 composite handle to the AZR alloy barrel for power and performance, while dismissing virtually all vibrations on contact.