Bruce Bolt Youth Premium Pro Short Cuff Pair of Batting Gloves

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Bruce Bolt Youth Premium Pro Short Cuff Pair of Batting Gloves

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BRUCE BOLT presents the epitome of batting glove craftsmanship and durability. Handcrafted with precision, each pair features a double-reinforced palm that stands the test of intense play. The luxurious 0.9mm super-soft Cabretta leather assures a supple feel combined with an extraordinary grip and longevity unattainable in other gloves.

  • Responsive Fit: Meticulously engineered to mirror the conical structure of the human finger and the natural curve of the wrist, ensuring a snug and natural fit.
  • Enhanced Durability: Strategic stitching placement reinforces the glove’s structure, significantly reducing the likelihood of tearing.
  • Maintenance Ease: In the rare event of the gloves stiffening, a simple application of leather conditioner or mink oil restores the original softness.
  • BRUCE BOLT's commitment to quality ensures that players receive not just a glove, but an indispensable ally on the field. Experience the difference with the highest quality, most durable batting glove in baseball.
  • Double-Reinforced Palm: Prevents wear and tear, maintaining the glove's integrity and feel
  • Premium 0.9mm Cabretta Leather: Renowned for its softness, yet impressively durable, resisting hardening or becoming brittle
  • Extended Cuff: Offering 50% more wrist support, this wider cuff ensures a secure fit and augmented wrist protection
  • Advanced Craftsmanship: Every glove is a testament to superior build quality, designed for both comfort and sustained use
  • Superiority in Design and Function
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Brand Bruce Bolt
Sport Diamond
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