Be A Ballplayer - Tee Ball

Be A Tee Ball Player

Tee ball is where it starts for ballplayers everywhere.  It's where you not only learn the basics of baseball, but where you learn how to be a good teammate, make friends for a lifetime, and develop an undying love for baseball.
Check out our collection of beginner's equipment including bats, training gloves, footwear, and bags specifically designed for tee ball players.
Then be sure to read our tips on how to survive your first year of being tee ball parent or coach, and how to make sure your player gets the most out of their first baseball season. 

Tee Ball Bats

Every ballplayer remembers their first bat.  We are proud to have a wide selection of tee ball bats from today's hottest brands like Easton, Rawlings, Louisville Slugger, and Victus.  If this is the first time you have ever made a bat purchase, be sure to check out our Bat Buying Guide to help you choose the perfect bat for your up-and-coming star!

Tee Ball Gloves

Baseball Express has one of the largest collections of fielders gloves around so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your young player.  We carry gloves from Wilson, Rawlings the official glove of Major League Baseball and more.  Our tee ball gloves start at less than $20.

Youth Bat Pack

Let your ballplayer take to the field in style with a brand new bat pack.  All packs have designated slots for your bats as well as compartments for a glove, shoes, apparel, batting gloves, and any personal items you need to take to the field.  

Batting Gear

Stay safe and comfortable when you step up to the plate.  We have a large collection of batting helmets and batting gloves specifically catered for today's tee ball players.  Check out our Helmet Sizing Guide to find the helmet that was made for your player.

Tee Ball Catcher's Gear

There is no more important every day position in the game than the catcher.  Often referred to as "the field general" the catcher is the only defensive player with a view of the whole field and is involved in every single pitch.  Most catcher's start playing the position early, and will catch their entire career given the speciality of the position.  If you have a young player interested in the position, be sure to get them a proper catcher's set so they stay safe, and look the part as they learn the part.

Youth Uniforms

Be sure to head to your first practice or game dressed in the proper attire.  We have put together a collection of some of our favorite uniform pants, belts and socks all sized for young, beginning players.