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Back to Fall BallBack to Fall Ball

Get back to the diamond and back to baseball with Baseball Express.  All month long we are offering deals on the equipment you need for success on the field this fall, including batting helmets, bags, cleats, baseball pants, and bats.  Not sure what you need?  Check out our buying and sizing guides below so you end up with exactly what you need! Plus receive double points on all purchases!


Having the right baseball bat can make all the difference in the world when you step up to the plate.  If your bat is too light, it will result in a lot of pop ups; Too heavy and it becomes very difficult to catch up to fastballs.  Our bat guide breaks down all currently available bat types and includes sizing charts so you can find the baseball bat that is the perfect length and weight for you or your player.  Also check our quick description of league guidelines to make sure your purchase matches your league's rules and specifications.

Easton ADV 360 Baseball BatEaston ADV 360 Baseball Bat


Baseball Express has compiled some of the best-fitting baseball pants to help you perform with a flash of style. Whether you're looking for knickers, piped, or pinstripes, Baseball Express has everything you need to start the season off strong. We offer pants from baseball's biggest brands like Rawlings, New Balance, Under Armour, Easton, and Champro.  Check out our pant style guide and other tips to complete your uniform and your on-field look.


Step up to the plate with a helmet that is both comfortable and meets your protection needs.

Many leagues this year are strongly recommending and even requiring players to have their own helmets this year to limit the amount of equipment shared among teams.  So we've increased our helmet inventory and put together a new Batting Helmets Buying & Safety Guide to make your shopping experience that much easier.  Click below to see our recommendations and our Batting Helmet catalog.

Easton Batting HelmetsEaston Batting Helmets


Get the perfect bag to fit your needs and style.  Whether you just need a bat pack to fit your simple gameday needs or a wheeled catcher's bag for easy transportation to the field, we have you covered.  Our buyer's guide breaks down our entire selection of bat packs, wheeled bags, equipment bags, and even small duffles so you can find exactly what you need.


We carry all of the latest footwear from popular brands like New Balance, Under Armour, and Mizuno and even carry several pro-model cleats.  Whether you are playing on grass, turf, or simply need a comfortable pair of shoes to train in we are sure to have all of your footwear needs covered.  Our Cleat Guide breaks down different styles and cleat sizes to make your shopping that much easier.

New Balance 4040 CleatsNew Balance 4040 Cleats


All-Star Catchers GearAll-Star Catchers Gear

Of all the everyday positions in baseball, Catcher may be the most important.  From pitch calling to setting the defense, it is the only position that is involved in every pitch of every game.  Which is why it is so important for catcher’s to have the proper equipment and be in the best game-shape possible.

If you are a catcher or are looking to get more time behind the plate, check out our tips for purchasing catcher's gear and even our list of drills to do by yourself or at your next practice to get ready for the season.


Training and improving your craft is a key habit for any baseball player.  Whether you are looking to gear up for the new season, or stay in shape between games, we have everything you need.  If you aren't sure where to start, take a look at our Training Guide that is filled with simple, easy, and effective drills for you to do at your next practice or even during some downtime at your own home.  We have even gone as far as listing drills specific for outfielders, infielders, catchers, pitchers, and of course, hitting drills.


Your chance to get better at the game you love starts now.  Check it out.

Baseball TrainingBaseball Training