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Break in your new glove the easy way! Choose glove steaming at checkout, and your brand new baseball or softball glove will arrive almost game ready.

For just $10 you won't have to put in the hours shaping and forming it, because the glove steaming process dramatically shortens the glove's break-in time. You won't have to worry about breaking the glove in the wrong way: misforming the pocket, drying out the laces or over-oiling your glove.

Your new glove will come to you soft and flexible— ready for you to put on the finishing touches!

Here's how it works:

  • First, our experienced technicians apply a special glove conditioner to your glove to open the pores in the leather to help it soften. Next, the glove is placed into the steamer at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for several minutes. The heat loosens the glove, while the glove is infused with the water molecules in the steam, making it softer and more malleable.

  • After that, our technicians pound the glove with a wooden mallet on a leather pad to loosen the heel and other key breaking point areas of the glove. Finally, a coat of cream is applied to the leather to close its pores and seal in the hydration.

  • The steaming process softens the leather, laces and the key break-in points of the glove. That means that when your shipment arrives, you'll get an almost game-ready glove with a pocket formed specifically for baseball or softball.

  • All you'll need to do is apply glove oil and play catch with it to help make your glove fit and feel exactly the way you want it to.

We do not accept returns on gloves that have been steamed.
Gloves that have mesh materials, are drop-shipped or are under $99 are not recommended for glove steaming.
Glove steaming is excluded for gloves from these brands: Nokona, Insignia.

Glove Steaming voids the standard Wilson glove warranty provided by Wilson. Team Express stands behind our steaming process and our trained technicians. For that reason, Wilson and Team Express have partnered to process all warranty claims on gloves steamed by Team Express through Team Express. If you have a warranty claim within the standard Wilson warranty period, simply contact Team Express and we will process the claim.

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  1. Q: How do I know if glove I am buying needs to be steamed?

    A: Usually, baseball and softball gloves under $100 are already broken in, but that does not mean they can't be steamed. Gloves from $100 to $200 are a little stiffer and gloves $200+ are normally very stiff.

  2. Q:Why would I want to have my glove steamed?

    A:Glove break-in time varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from glove series to glove series. We'll do the work for you, so the glove is almost ready to use as soon as you get it.

  3. Q: What should I do after I get my steamed glove?

    A: Additional break-in time may be required. When you receive your glove, it will be almost game ready. Results may vary, because manufacturers use different types of leathers to build their gloves. We suggest that you work with the glove to help it form around your hand properly, apply glove oil and play catch with it to help make your glove fit and feel exactly the way you want it to.

  4. Q: How do I care for my glove after I get it and start using it?

    A: We recommend you use glove conditioner when your glove becomes dry or after a long period of use.

  5. Q: Will Team Express steam a previously purchased glove or used glove?

    A:No. Because we might not be familiar with your glove or with what chemicals that may have been put on the glove, we do not steam gloves of this type.

  6. Q:Why are some of the gloves you sell unable to be steamed?

    A: Several of the gloves we offer ship direct from manufacturer. Custom gloves also come direct from the manufacturer and cannot be steamed. There are also several gloves that the Team Express experts do not recommend be steamed.

  7. Q: How long will the steaming delay shipment of my glove?

    A: Up to one (1) business day.

  8. Q: If I order other items along with a glove and steaming, will my other items ship at once and the glove on another date?

    A: No, your entire shipment will go out in a single package.

  9. Q: What is your return policy on gloves that have been steamed?

    A: We are unable to accept returns on gloves that have been steamed.

  10. Q: Is there somewhere I can buy a glove and have it steamed in person?

    A: Yes, our retail store at 1003 E Nakoma St Ste 104 San Antonio TX 78216-2876 carries a wide selection of gloves, and we can steam them in the store.