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Crossover Symmetry Solo Package - Rotator Cuff & Scapular St
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Crossover Symmetry Solo Package - Rotator Cuff & Scapular St

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Crossover Symmetry Solo Package - Rotator Cuff Activation Improves posture and reduces risk of shoulder impingement by activating the key scapular stabilizers. Enhances firing patterns and timing of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles. Prepa
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Crossover Symmetry Solo Package - Rotator Cuff & Scapular Strengthening System

Crossover Symmetry's Gen-2 system is a professional grade rotator cuff and scapular strengthening system that is engineered to enhance shoulder health and performance. The Gen-2 system has been updated and enhanced to incorporate the latest scientific advancements and equipment innovations to give athletes a reliable tool that is proven on the field and in clinical settings. The system features three easy-to-follow protocols for shoulder activation, recovery and plyometric training. Crossover Symmetry is currently being used by professional athletes in the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and over 75% of NCAA Division-1 Universities. Medically designed by a leading physical therapist, the Crossover Symmetry Gen-2 System takes the guesswork out of shoulder care. The system is practical, structured and efficient, making it easy for athletes to complete on a daily basis.

Phases Of The System

  1. Improves posture and reduces risk of shoulder impingement by activating the key scapular stabilizers.
  2. Enhances firing patterns and timing of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles.
  3. Prepares the muscles for activity by increasing blood flow to the region.

  1. Increases targeted blood flow, instantly starting the recovery process.
  2. Strengthens tendons through eccentric contractions.
  3. Flushes the waste by-products out of the muscles.

  1. Plyometric training has been proven to increase performance and prevent injury.
  2. Rhythmic stabilization enhances dynamic stability by addressing the timing of muscle firing.
  3. Plyometrics enhance the elastic properties of muscles and tendons to improve power.

New Feature: Red Flag Screen
One of the new features of the Gen-2 system is the integration of a Red Flag Screen. The Red Flag Screen is a simple method for identifying individuals who have a medical condition that would require an alteration or the discontinued use of the Gen-2 System. This Red Flag Screen will detect the athletes who are at a higher risk for injury and need a thorough examination by a medical professional with shoulder expertise.

CS Solo Package Includes:
• Crossover Symmetry Gen-2 Training Guide
• Crossover Symmetry Gen-2 Training Video
• Aluminum Exercise Chart with carabiners
• 2 pairs of Crossover Cords – Choose Youth, Athlete or Elite resistance package
• Pair of Door Belts
• Drawstring Backpack

Choosing The Resistance Package
Youth: Ages 8-13 or rehabbing a shoulder injury
Athletic: Most high school athletes
Elite: College and Professional athletes


“Crossover Symmetry has provided me with a great all-inclusive option to train my players and ensure optimal shoulder health. This is an easy system to use, easy to progress, and delivers an optimal result.” - Dana Cavalea, CSCS Head Strength and Conditioning Coach New York Yankees
Crossover Symmetry provides quality training equipment for baseball, football and softball players. We carry a wide selection of Crossover Symmetry training and throwing equipment, including packages and crossover cords designed to help pitchers and throwers.