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EpiTrain PowerGuard Elbow Support Protects the elbow from overextension. Bauerfeinds EpiTrain PowerGuard helps reduce the risk of elbow hyperextension while throwing. The anatomically knitted support relieves stress on the elbow, providing targete
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EpiTrain® PowerGuard Elbow Support

Protects the elbow from overextension.

Bauerfeind's EpiTrain® PowerGuard helps reduce the risk of elbow hyperextension while throwing. The anatomically knitted support relieves stress on the elbow, providing targeted pain relief and reduces the risk of further injury.

The adjustable Boa® closure system integrated with a compression sleeve helps support and stabilize the joint and protect the UCL from potentially harmful overthrowing motions while maintaining ball force and accuracy. The compression covers a large area of the arm, which helps activate the muscles, improve joint awareness and relieve pain during movement.

The integrated Boa Closure System can be set precisely to the millimeter and released with ease. When the arm extends powerfully and rapidly, the strap system contracts and triggers a counter-reaction in the forearm muscles to balance out the force and take the stress away from the joint.

In competitive overhead throwing and pitching sports like baseball, the Ulnar Collateral Ligament is often exposed to injury due to overuse. The EpiTrain® PowerGuard can be worn not just by athletes that are susceptible to injury, but also those who have already sustained injury and want to further prevent elbow stress and those who have undergone surgery as part of the rehabilitation process.

• Boa® closure system - for individual adjustable motion control (hyperextension)
• Graduated moderate compression - for improved joint control and reduced swelling
• Bauerfeind knit - breathable lightweight non-restriction design for great wearing comfort
• Designed for athletic use - with durable and washable materials

Click Here to download EpiTrain Instructions

Treatment of
• Elbow pain
• Golfer's elbow (epicondylitis)
• Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)
• Elbow swelling
• Elbow arthritis
• Elbow tendinitis

"My patients use EpiTrain PowerGuard. The elbow sports brace is functional, very comfortable and provides hyperextension control."
- James R. Andrews M.D.

"At the Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center and the Andrews Institute we use Bauerfeind's cutting edge compressive supports to control swelling and reduce pain during treatment. Our patients enjoy the comfortable non-restricting fit allowing them to pursue physical activity which is so critical for promoting healing and recovery. There is no doubt that Bauerfeind makes the most functional and comfortable knit in the world!"
- James R. Andrews M.D.

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Circumference (cm)
21 – 26 cm
26 – 32 cm
32 – 38 cm
38 – 44 cm
Circumference (inch)
812 - 1013"
1013 - 1235"
1235 - 15"
15 - 1713"

Throughout their 80+ year history, Bauerfeind® has taken design and technology to the next level to achieve the best stability, fit and comfort for ultimate performance. Working closely with doctors, athletes, personal trainers, physical therapists and researchers, we have expertise in every aspect of braces, supports and compression socks.