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  • RBI Repetitive Batting
The Vortex(tm) by RBI,Baseball Swing Trainer comes straight out of the box ready for use. No assembly needed!
Great for Baseball or Fast Pitch (Softball) hand-eye-coordination. Lifetime warranty on Aluminum frame and Die Cast parts!!

Included in the Complete Unit:
• The Vortex(tm) by RBI Baseball Swing Trainer.
• The Vortex(tm) "Hit-Stick"- (Baseball or Softball).
• The Vortex(tm) Level 2 Speed bands (pack of 3).
• 3 Ground Stakes.
• 3 Dual Zippered Sand Bags (empty).
• The Vortex(tm) Carry Sleeve.

R B I REPETITIVE BATTING provides quality softball and baseball bat training equipment and tees. We carry a wide selection of Vortex softball and baseball hit-sticks and batting units.