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Fundamentals & Drills for Windmill Pitching Video

The Basics and Fundamentals for the Windmill Pitcher with Ernie Parker video. In this easy-to-follow fastpitch softball video, Coach Parker teaches the beginning and intermediate athlete the first steps in learning a sound foundation for the windmill pitch. Starting with the grip and continuing all the way through to the stride and follow-through, the beginning student will learn the common components to all the great pitches. Also in this video are practical and fun drills that will help the student feel the correct execution while learning the repetition that will help the body achieve 'muscle memory.' If results are what you're after, then this step-by-step video is for you!
Maven provides quality instructional softball DVDs. We carry a wide selection of Maven instructional softball DVDs, including windmill pitching DVDs, softball hitting DVDs, power hitting DVDs, distance hitting DVDs, speed pitching DVDs and velocity pitching DVDs.
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