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Curve & Screwball Pitch Training DVD

This DVD isn't just for beginner or intermediate pitchers - it's for ALL pitchers. Chelsea demonstrates how to correctly pitch the screw ball and curve ball. She also demonstrates drills for pitchers of all experience levels. In this DVD you will discover how simple and easy it is to do drills inside, in a relatively small area, that will maintain your spin, speed, and mechanics on the ball during the winter months. All that is needed is a bucket of balls.
Approximate Running Time: 90 min.

I had hoped for better.


I bought this video thinking it might be of a higher quality based in the reputation of the the site. However, I found it to be of low visual quality, contained unhelpful tips, and demonstrated poor mechanics. Not only does this video not offer anything helpful, I think it would more bad than good for a pitcher.


Youngsville, NC


Curve & Screwball Pitch Training DVD

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