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SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Swing Trainer Machine

The Hurricane™ Category 4 maintains the snap-back action of the original Hurricane with a sleeker design, additional power band (4 total) for fast-back action, and a high visibility impact head. Designed for baseball or softball swing training, the Hurricane™ Category 4 allows batters to develop swing power, technique and speed with a stationary or moving target.

• Turns two-man target training into an advanced solo trainer
• Can be used for static tee practice or as a dynamic moving target
• Adjustable height for virtually any player or ball position
• Multi-twist mechanics provide feedback on bat speed and power
• Easy setup and storage
• No tools needed

This product is great


My son uses this and loves it. I can't get him away from it. It is very useful when working on his switch hitting as well.

Taco Deegan

Laguna Hills


Convenient batting practice


My 10 year old can practice hitting inside and outside now. It's a great way to show her proper form when batting. She watches someone else swing the correct way and then tries to perfect it. When she practices on her own she tells me when she had really good hits. If the ball swings around the pole a few times, then she is excited for a great hit. She is getting a better understanding of how it feels to hit the ball in the "sweet spot". I love this training aid! It really has improved her hitting in practices and the games. This device forces batters to make the hand eye coordination to watch the bat hit the ball. I like the recommended exercises for strengthening the arm muscles used in the proper batting technique. For this she swings the bat using one hand at a time to hit the ball. It's a great way for her to get excited about practicing on her own when I can't be outside or in the garage with her practicing.


Millville, PA


Not all its cracked up to be.


I use this with my 8 & 7 year old in the yard. Withing the first year one of the power bands broke (snapped) and the hitting head came off its pole. I glued it on with epoxy resin. Not more than 3 weeks later the hitting head cracked. Now I have to order a new one. My neighbor has the similiar device by a different brand name. He takes his to baseball prctice for his team to use. His son is older than ours and they have never had anything break on it. In fact, he has also had his 2 years longer than me. He has had to replace the elastic bands because they become worn and stretched out but never because they snapped. I would look for his "brand" (all black and white) and save your money on the "Jeter" one.


Fort Myers, FL


This is a great product!


It's a great practice tool and really helps to refine your swing. It's very convenient too as you don't have to constantly reposition a ball on the tee. If I have one negative comment, it's that it could be more durable. We're on our second one as the base of the first one he had broke (& a piece from the original had to be replaced when we first bought it as well).


Harrison, NY


good training tool


this is a nice training tool it helps you get a level swing and has good feedback if you make a mistake

Max M.

Ojai, CA


broke the first week of the season


Liked the concept, not meant to be used by teams. it broke the first week of practice.




great prroduct!!!


Gives me as a coach more time working with my players batting techniques and the players more reps. without having to stop to pick up balls using a regular tee.

coach Dale

Astoria, OR


SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Swing Trainer Machine

3.9 7


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