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AccraSpeed Sports Trainer

The AccraSpeed Sports Trainer will immediately improve your performance in your chosen sport. AccraSpeed Sports Trainer teaches the rhythm and tempo required in sports by sensing axial and centripetal acceleration and related velocity. The tones emitted by AccraSpeed’s highly engineered gold plated circuits provide an instant measurement of performance. AccraSpeed Sports Trainer does not require resetting or visual monitoring. This allows you to maintain rhythm, timing and tempo at different precise levels.

Made of durable lightweight aluminum, it has a mounting strap that allows it to be worn on the wrist, hand, arm or leg by either right and left handed players. Through its 56 marked settings one may measure the slowest backswing in golf to a fastball in the major leagues. The Accra Speed Sports Trainer informs the pitcher immediately of his or her power and release zones for each and every kind of pitch thrown. Including but not limited to the … fast ball … curve ball … slow change up … and softball underhand pitching. This product covers them all.
No matter what sport you choose, it's all about rhythm and tempo. Accraspeed has developed a quality training aid focused on avoiding injuries and maximizing performance. You can measure and track your progress to ensure proper warm-ups, smooth transitions into velocity, and follow-through motion--because success often depends on that last split second of effort.
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