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XProtex Adult Krushr 2014 Batting Gloves

The Krushr is XProtex's most protective batting glove, giving maximum coverage of the wrist, knuckles, and four fingers on each hand. The high quality leather palm is light and thin, like a second layer of skin. Also durable, it protects the hands from blisters while providing great grip on the bat. Go to the plate with confidence.

Sizes: 2XL.
Colors: SCARLET.
Glove Sizes
Hand Size (cm.)
Hand Size (in.)
Youth Small
7.00 cm.
2.76 in.
Youth Medium
7.39 cm.
2.91 in.
Youth Large
7.78 cm.
3.06 in.
8.17 cm.
3.22 in.
8.35 cm.
3.29 in.
8.74 cm.
3.44 in.
9.13 cm.
3.60 in.
9.52 cm.
3.75 in.
9.91 cm.
3.90 in.

Click here to download and print out glove size guide.
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