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McDavid Youth Thudd HexPad Protective Sports Girdle
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McDavid Youth Thudd HexPad Protective Sports Girdle

Watch the world's best players closely enough, and eventually you'll see the truth. They're all wearing HexPad® protective apparel. The perfect girdle for light contact days or for supplemental protection for games. The #757 Thudd Short is a pro style moisture managed compression short featuring our revolutionary HexPad® Technology to protect the hips, tail bone, and thighs. This very versatile short is perfect for added protection in almost any sport activity.

What is HexPad®?:
HexPad® Technology is a padding system that bonds dozens of individual athletic foam pads permanently into fabrics. Hexpads® are machine washable and cost effective allowing the development of a new generation of apparel that incorporates protection right into the shirt or pant, unlike anything seen before. Hexpad® Technology allows the replacement of your existing undershirts, pants and sleeves with true performance products.

- Greater coverage with less weight than traditional pads.
- Durable, long-lasting construction.
- All the benefits of HydraVent hDc moisture management technology.
- All the benefits of compression wear.
- Comfortable lightweight athletic foam.

Youth Sizes: M - L.
Colors: Black, Grey, White, Royal.

Comfort: Hexpad�Technology utilizes super-lightweight athletic foam that conforms to and stretches with your body. It doesn't pinch or bind like traditional sports padding. It breathes for comfort and maximizes the benefits of our HydraVent hDc moisture management technology, keeping you cool and dry.
Compression: Incorporated into compression (spandex) shorts and shirts, Hexpad� products also offer all the benefits of this snug fitting fabric. It supports large muscle groups to help reduce pulls and fatigue. It moves with your body to prevent skin irritation, chafing and abrasions.
Protection: Hexpads� use high quality closed cell athletic foam padding, the same padding density and impact resistance that is used in pads for football and other impact sports. The lighter weight Hexpads� allow for greater coverage at the same or less weight than traditional padding systems.
Durability: Products using Hexpad� Technology have been designed and tested to be durable. They have been used in some of the most rugged sports like football and rugby and wear well through at least one full season. They may be machine washed and dried. Follow directions on the label.