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WSI Men's Heater Longsleeve Pitching/Quarterback Shirt

Pitching/Quarterback shirt - First ever Pitching shirt with fabric that heats up! HEATR® is a fiber that expands and heats up as your skin contacts the fiber. Wikmax HEATR® generates heat while it wicks moisture off your skin. Designed to help get muscles warm and keep them warm. The HEATR® also helps get oxygen to the blood faster thus helping with recovery time. Worn by the PROS. Features 10% HEATR® 90% Micropoly. Soft and comfortable like cotton. Anti-bacterial fabric helps destroy or inhibit the growth of bacteria while cutting down odor. Absorbs, stores and releases heat helping to get the muscles loose and warmed up faster. 0 to 75 degrees.

Youth Sizes: YL only.
Adult Sizes: S - 2XL.
Color: Black only.
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