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SEIKO KT601 - Table Top Scoreboard

The SEIKO Table-Top Scoreboard is ideal for scoring basketball, volleyball, and tennis games. It can be used as a stopwatch, countdown timer, or pacer making it incredibly versatile. It has a high visibility LED display and the programmable game timer counts up or down from 99:59 with scores for two teams up to 199. It can be operated from the backside control panel or with the included wireless remote for convenience and ease. The SEIKO Table-Top Scoreboard is perfect for game at home or at the local park!.

• Scores multiple sports including basketball, volleyball and tennis.
• Can Be Used as a Stopwatch, Countdown Timer or Pacer.
• Can Be Operated From Backside Control Panel or Included Wireless Remote.
• High Visibility LED Display.
• Programmable Game Timer Counts Up or Down From 99:59 With Scores For Two Teams Up to 199.
• Buzzer When Timer Reaches Zero, or Can Be Manually Controlled.

Dimensions: 25.5"L x 15.75"H x 8.67"D Weight: 20lbs.
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