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Tanner Tees Batting Tee (Large)

Tanners large batting tee (26-43") is comprised of two parts, an adjustable stem and a nine-inch weather-resistant polymer base. The hand-rolled ball rest with flexible top allows the bat to pass through the contact point with the least interference possible. Total weight is fewer than six pounds and it breaks down in seconds to fit into any travel bag. The 9x9-inch standard base has rounded edges for safety. This patented tee is used by all levels of professional baseball, top college and high school programs, as well as thousands of home users.

• Recommended for ages 9 and up

Solid product


We have used it for roughly 10 hours and it's a great tool at any level.

Tan Tan

Grinnell, IA


great tee!


tee is great. both my daughter (softball) and son (baseball) use it. quality product


orlando, fl


Best Tee on the Market


By far the best tee out there. I use it for coaching T ball to Batting Practice for my older Kids. Easy to take apart and the design holding the ball is excellent.

North Shore Elite

Lake County, IL


Great Batting Tee!!


Love that this is so sturdy. Works better if put 5 to 10 pound weight on base so that it is less likely to tip over. Nice! Definitely worth the extra money to get a sturdier mostly metal tee instead of cheap plastic/vinyl/rubber tee.




A MUST For serious players!


Great Product, the Tanner Tee is a must! you can take it anywhere, quick and easy setup. Just two pieces, you screw on the telescope to the base and you're set to go. You can hit off thousands of balls off the rubber and it will remain the same. Unlike many other tees this one would last you many years with little to no wear on it. For the price it is worth it! Place about a ten pound weight at the base so it doesn't tip over.


NY, New York


Buy It


Wanted a tee that wouldn't break at the top. Stay away from the cheap ones out there. Spend a couple extra bucks and buy this tee. Well worth it. Can tell when my son is under or on top of the ball when hitting off it. This tee has been used for over 3 years where my son takes lessons. They have never had an issue with any of theirs over that time. Highly recommend!




Tanner Tees Batting Tee (Large)

5.0 6


Company founder Joe H. Tanner spent a career playing and coaching professional baseball, and then he began building baseball tees for a local minor league team. Today, Tanner Tees can be found in every big league batting cage, thousands of college and high school programs, and training facilities around the world. Tanner Tees have transformed the baseball and softball batting tee market because they're durable, lightweight, have a telescoping shaft, and break down quickly and easily to transport in any bat bag. Major League Baseball coaches say the hand-rolled ball rest is the closest to live pitching, with the least interference at the contact point, and the rubber used for the ball rest will absorb swing after swing.