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Sling Pitcher Manual Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine with Sling Guard

The Sling Pitcher is an inexpensive, lightweight and non-electrical baseball/softball pitching machine. It can pitch baseballs/softballs to 70mph/50mph respectively, and perforated plastic practice balls into the 80s. With the fly ball adaptors included with every Sling Pitcher, it will throw regulation baseballs to over 150 high.

the Sling Pitcher needs no electricity, is light weight, and is extremely portable. It comes with a convenient carrying case and sets up in seconds. The Sling Guard protects the Sling Pitcher operator from hit balls. The Sling Guard door automatically opens for the pitch and immediately closes to protect the operator.

This Sling Pitcher accessory is highly recommended, especially if you are working with strong hitters. It also breaks down into a convenient carry bag. • Sling Pitcher/Sling Guard combo kit comes with Sling Pitcher, Sling Guard, Fly Ball Arms, 12 assorted practice balls and carry bags.

Sling Pitcher provides quality softball and baseball pitching equipment. We carry a wide selection of Sling Pitcher pitching equipment and replacement pouches and pitching machine accessories.