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SwingAway Institutional Universal Tune-Up Baseball Kit

The SwingAway Institutional Universal Tune-Up Kit Get your SwingAway Tuned-up for the upcoming season. This package includes an improved and redesigned set of thicker and more durable Bungee Cords, Ball Ropes and Tether Cords to strengthen and increase the life of the cords. Each Kit includes High quality, regulation leather baseball and tether system, and a set (2) of Institutional Bungee Cords.

BASEBALL ONLY - fits all SwingAway Models.

Perfect fit.. Looks stronger than the original


My Kid beat the original to pieces. After a few repairs of the old, it was time to replace it. Easy to replace the old parts. Strong cords. Looks and feels stronger than the original. Hope this one lasts a bit longer.

Loudest Dad in the Stands



You gotta try this!


This product is GREAT! - No! it's not cheaper than a bucket of balls and a tee and it's not portable but just think, never round up balls again, you or your kid can practice in the backyard or in the garage rain or shine and the reps your player can do outstanding. I will say, this is a must try and the rest will speak for it's self.

Fred the Teacher of all ages

Orlando, FL


SwingAway Institutional Universal Tune-Up Baseball Kit

5.0 2


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