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ATEC Rookie Baseball Pitching Machine

It’s time to make room on your roster for the ATEC® Rookie.® The Rookie Training Machine puts the ball exactly where you want it, every time. Rookie has the ability to rotate (360° horizontally/120° vertically) while in use, allowing you to challenge your first baseman with a Major League pop-up and then quickly test you shortstops range with a backhander in the hole. Now every drill can be practiced at a high volume and frequency—giving your players more real game repetitions in a 2-hour practice than most see in an entire preseason.

• Dual Pitch Pad® design produces realistic ball spin.
• HD Pitch Chute promotes maximum ball visibility for both fielders and hitters.
• Elevation control component allows you to quickly change the angle of the ball flight.
• CaddyPod® wheeled transport system makes setting up for practice and transitioning between drills quick and easy.

WEIGHT: 80 lbs.
LEVEL: Professional, Collegiate & High School.
SPEED RANGE: 20-65mph.
BALL TYPES: Baseballs - Regulation (Leather) & Dimpled (Rubber).
PITCHES THROWN: Fastballs & Changeups
DEFENSIVE DRILLS: Fly Balls, Pop Ups, Line Drives, Grounders & Catcher’s Blocking.
WARRANTY: 5-Year Limited Warranty.
ATEC provides quality softball and baseball training equipment and field equipment. We carry a wide selection of ATEC training equipment, including batting tees, colored baseballs, colored softballs and pitching screens. We also carry field equipment like batting cages.