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Portolite Indoor/Outdoor Oversized Full Pitching Mound with Turf

Portolite’s Indoor Full Wind-Up Mound features a full-body construction with no shell, allowing a pitcher's weight to transfer directly to the floor. This reduces any chance of the mound sliding during practice. The level pivot area in front of rubber promotes good balance, and the cushioned landing reduces knee and ankle strain.

Built for indoor use, the Full Wind-Up Mound will not damage or scratch gym floors. The simulated rubber will not wear down, allowing great long-term durability. The two-piece overlapping interlock design and lighter weight makes moving easier. Each section weighs less than 60 pounds and only requires 57"high x 49"wide x 15"deep space for storage

Portolite provides quality baseball and softball field equipment. We carry a wide selection of Portolite softball and baseball field equipment, including portable pitching mounds, portable practice mounds, portable pitcher's plates, portable pitching circles and portable pitching rubbers.