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M^Powered M^FUZD Maple Wood Baseball Bat

M^FUZD is the most advanced structural enhancement for a wood bat in the area that is the most prone to breakage. The M^Powered creative team has developed a Carbon Fiber-Kevlar wrap for a pro M-110 maple bat. The material is military grade, lightweight and creates a shield that makes the handle area not only less apt to break but makes the handle 3x more structurally sound than a bat without it. All but eliminates harpooning effect with broken maple bats. A key safety issue. Perfectly legal for all wood bat play. Comes with a limited 60 day warranty. Comfortable and tactile, adds no weight of consequence. Can be taped, or tarred.

Bat Specifications
Wood: Maple.
Barrel: 2 1/2" diameter.
Handle: 15/16" Kevlar Carbon Fiber.
Cupped: Yes.
Length: 32, 32.5, 33, 33.5.

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Limited 60 Day Manufacturers Warranty.
M^Powered provides quality wooden baseball bats. We carry a wide selection of M^Powered wooden baseball bats, including ash baseball bats, maple baseball bats, c-271 baseball bats and more.