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Carrera Sports 2014 Prime BBCOR -3 Adult Baseball Bat

This is the REASON FOR THE REVOLUTION. Every player wants to make sure that their bat has perfect balance and that is what Carrera Sports® makes! Manufacturers have been trying to develop a BBCOR bat that meets certification criteria while not producing the "top heavy" effects that many players and coaches have stated is their main concern.

The new Carrera Sports® patented end cap is designed with Texin 4215, the hardest thermoplastic material available. This will ensure light weight and increase the “Ping” sensation players seek.

Aeronautical-grade alloy gives your Carrera Sports® aluminum bat an incredibly tough finish, without adding extra weight.

With a longer barrel, the “sweet spot” is also extended, giving players a much larger area for greater power.

Better grip = Better power With the new Carrera Sports® super ergonomic grip, your bat is as comfortable in your hand as it is fierce on the field.

Bat Specifications
Drop: -3 adult bat.
Barrel: 2 5/8".
Certified: BBCOR
Material: Scandium alloy.
Construction: One-piece
Warranty: One Year Manufacturers Warranty

Available Sizes: 34 31.

Need Help Choosing The Right Size Bat?

Click Here for a Bat Sizing Guide.

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
Carrera Sports: 1-239-689-8313

Carrera Sports® bats are the highest quality available and developed by pushing the limits of design and technology, and creating new, innovative ways to improve current standards. Players appreciate a Carrera Sports bat for its balance, grip, "ping," and "sweet spot."