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Pro Ice Knee/Multipurpose Cold Therapy Wrap

The Pro-Ice Knee & Multi-Purpose Cold Therapy Wrap delivers professional, therapeutic icing and compression for the knee and most other areas of the body.

Pro-Ice helps relieve knee pain and swelling from acute injuries such as the Anterior & Posterior Cruciate Ligaments, Medial and Lateral Collateral Ligaments, the Quadriceps Tendon as well as Medial & Lateral Meniscus Injuries. Use Pro-Ice to help relieve knee pain due to overuse, bio-mechanical dysfunction, degeneration, OsteoArthritis, after knee surgery and during rehab to facilitate quicker recovery. The unique, patented, window pane design of the Pro-Ice Cryoblanket, hugs the body to provide custom-type-fit for the target treatment area and maintains a consistent temperature for up to an hour. It delivers maximum therapeutic effectiveness by cooling the knee through all four stages of icing, when most other ice wraps only reach stage one or two. To use on the knee, simply remove the frozen cryoblanket from the freezer, or from the insulated cooler bag, and fold one of the columns of ice and slide the cryoblanket into the wrap, then unfold once inserted and secure the velcro closure. For use on either knee, simply place the wrap on top of the knee and wrap the two compression straps comfortably around the knee and attach with the Velcro closure. The compression strap placement can be customized to treat the front, back or either side of the knee, so you can treat a medial, lateral, anterior and posterior aspects of the knee. Get Your Pro-Ice Knee & Multi-Use Wrap Today.

• Knee Ice Wrap PI400 Pro-Ice
• Colder Than Ice
• Provides Therapeutic Icing For Up To An Hour
• Multi-use Ice Wrap- If You Need Only One Ice Wrap - This Is The One To Have
• Use On The Knee, Hip, Shin, Calf, Hamstring, Quadricep, Ribs and Back

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