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Pro Ice Replacement Insert for Pro Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap

Extra/Replacement Ice Inserts For Pro-Ice Pro Shoulder & Elbow Wrap, PI240
If you need to replace, or have additional ice inserts for the Pro Shoulder/Elbow Ice Wrap, model PI240 from Pro-Ice these are the original manufacturer replacement inserts. Athletic teams, schools and college athletic programs, workplace saftey managers should keep multiple shoulder ice inserts available for treatment of acute shoulder injuries. Studies have shown that applying ice quickly after an injury reduces tissue damage and speeds the healing process. Have spare inserts available in the freezer, while others are in use! These Pro-Ice Pro Shoulder/Elbow Wrap Extra Inserts are designed with individual, fast-freezing cells that easily shape to the shoulder, elbow and upper arm. Specifically configured to work in conjunction with the Pro-Ice Pro Shoulder and Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap (not included). The inserts are filled with a non-toxic, non-hazardous, food grade material with the same characteristics of water. Inserts will freeze at 27 degrees and with stay frozen longer then ice. Made in the USA. Note: When not in use inserts may be stored in the freezer (flat) or outside of the freezer (flat) in a cool & dry location.

• Extra/Replacement ice inserts for pro ice PI240 Pro Shoulder and Elbow Ice Wrap (not included)
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